Hand Crafted Creatures

Jennifer Duffy

​Jennifer Duffy is the official Creature Revenge mistress of molds! With an extensive knowledge of casting materials and procedures, she takes the companies sculptures and preserves them in high quality stone and rubber molds for future reproduction and fabrication. It may not sound glamorous, but without it we couldn't bring to life all the creatures and beasties that we love so dear! Her knowledge and skill sets also allow her to assist with sculpting and design as well as painting and other finish work. Her attention to detail and precision work makes her an invaluable asset to the Creature Revenge team.
Greg Duffy

Greg Duffy is the founder of Creature Revenge Studios as well as the lead art director. He is an illustrator, designer, painter, sculptor, and special effects artist. He graduated from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale with a degree in Visual Effects. He has been working in and around the film and video industry for over 10 years as an art director and Avid editor. He also has over a decade of haunted attraction experience, as well as a vast, general knowledge of classic horror, sci-fi and pop culture. His personal skill set includes mask making, set design and construction, costume and character design, and creature painting.

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